Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Saturday September 8th @ 7pm

Dynamo Arts Association

Join Print Ready & Dynamo Arts Association for the launch of Sunny
Nestlers new publication Undergrowth. Recent art works will be
available for viewing, in addition to a selection of Nestlers recent
publications that will be available for purchase.

UNDERGROWTH is a book of drawings about an imagined parallel universe, an explosion of organisms in inner and outer space, a journey through the hairy underbelly of desert and the intestinal depths of the forest.

Sunny Nestler is a cross-disciplinary artist from Phoenix, Arizona
currently living and working in Vancouver, BC. Their work incorporates a
wide variety of media including animation, sculptural installation,
painting, drawing, and art publications. These works have been exhibited
across both the United States and Canada as well as featured in various
arts publications. Nestlers work is informed by a knowledge of biology and
a keen interest in both naturally and synthetically constructed
environments, and relationships within those environments. Nestler holds a
BFA (painting) and BS (Biology & Society) from Arizona State University and
a MFA from Emily Carr University.

This event was coordinated by Print Ready Events. Print Ready was started
in order to promote the work of artists experimenting with self-publishing
zines and books. The aim is to foster additional support for artists
working within the versatile medium of self-publishing. Print Ready is a
non-profit project that hosts book and zine launches, in addition to large
group exhibitions. Our office is located in Vancouver at Dynamo Arts