Monday, November 23, 2015

March 12th & 13th

Print Ready 5

*** Over 30 publications plus multimedia installations and live music ***

Opening night: March 12th 7pm – late
Performance times: TBA

Neoglyphic Media (Bellingham Washington) will present a set of “multimedia performance comics”, with live music and video projection. Special musical guests Seagull Invasion (Joel Skavdahl) will be accompanied by a live light performance.

Zine Club presents its 2016 web-zine, as well as digital works by Larissa Monteiro, Oana Clitan and Sylvana dAngelo, and printed works by Quinn Keaveney, Emmy Van Thiel and Priyanka Singh.
Created to promote cross-pollination between design communities, Zine Club is a group of international designers who have been trading work through the mail and on the internet since 2013.

Also included in the exhibition are recent publications by: Roshanak Amini, Cullen Beckhorn, Derek, Coulombe , Sylvana d'Angelo, Sarah Ellis Clark & Kaitlyn Rogers, Sarah Ellis Clark, Marika, Vanderaats & Chelsea O'Bryne , Michael Groat, Jaz Halloran , Phaedra Harder & Stephanie McDonell, Daniel Jefferies. Lauren Lavery & Brennan Kelly , Michael Lachman, Ryan Ming, Linny Malin & Thalia Stopa, Cole James Pauls, Courtney Presber, Tracy Stefanucci, Zachary Trask, Doug Wideen, and Erica Wilk. Additional work provided by: Moniker Press, Neoglyphic Media, and Zine Club.

The gallery is open for viewing March 13th from 1 – 6pm.
Dynamo Arts Association