Wednesday, March 7, 2018

*** Over 40 publications and a GIF projection room***

Opening Night: Saturday March 24th, 7pm – late
Viewing: Sunday March 25th, 12pm - 5pm

Dynamo Arts Association

Print Ready 2018 includes recent publications by:
Bethany Allen and Joseph McCormick, Tim Bauer, Marc Bell, Stephane Bernard, Jessie Churchill, Emma Cohen, Jo Cook, Sylvana d'Angelo with Benita and Zuleyama Prado , Marcus Dénommé, Eva Dominelli, Ben Duncan, Angela Fama with Melanie Friedman and Jelena Markovic, Sasha Ford, Estraven Lupino-Smith, Tangiene MartinOhara, Kristen Hatfield, Hayley Dawn Muir, Aaron Moran, Coby McDougall, Sunny Nestler, Helen Nguyen and Sarah Ellis Clark, Cole Pauls, Phaedra Harder and Stephanie McDonell, Eli Howey, Zoe Kreye, Choo-Kien Kua, Andrea Lukic, Niki Papp, Sora park, Sylvie Ringer, Jessica Sallay-Carrington, Alina Senchenko, Sarah D. Skinner, Nicole Stishenko, Maria Tetzlaff, This Is What Collective, Jonathan Valelly, Weird Ways, Erica Wilk

Gifs by:
Stephane Bernard, Gillian Cole, Zandi Dandizette, Sylvana d'Angelo, Eva Dominelli, Erma Fiend, Anna Firth, Milad Forouzandeh, G. Goletski, Mohsen Hazrati, Mahmoud Ismail, David Kims, Taylor Krulicki, Jelena Markovic, Larissa Monteiro, Chhaya Naran, Sunny Nestler, Su-An Ng, Ryan Quiring, Matt Hanns Schroeter, Daniel Wickert

This year, in addition to exhibiting publications, Print Ready will have a GIF projection room containing digital works by local and international artists. It is our hope that these digital works, in conjunction with the printed matter of the exhibition, insight conversions and ponderings into how accessibility of media and the transference of narratives through media function in differing states. The works in this room are curated by guest curator Gillian Cole.

Print Ready was started in order to promote the work of artists experimenting with self-publishing zines and books. The aim is to foster additional support for artists working within the versatile medium of self-publishing. Print Ready is a non-profit project that hosts book and zine launches, in addition to large group exhibitions. Our office is located in Vancouver at Dynamo Arts Association.