Wednesday, March 7, 2018

*** Over 40 publications and a GIF projection room***

Opening Night: Saturday March 24th, 7pm – late
Viewing: Sunday March 25th, 12pm - 5pm

Dynamo Arts Association

Print Ready 2018 includes recent publications by:
Bethany Allen and Joseph McCormick, Tim Bauer, Marc Bell, Stephane Bernard, Jessie Churchill, Emma Cohen, Jo Cook, Sylvana d'Angelo with Benita and Zuleyama Prado , Marcus Dénommé, Eva Dominelli, Ben Duncan, Angela Fama with Melanie Friedman and Jelena Markovic, Sasha Ford, Estraven Lupino-Smith, Tangiene MartinOhara, Kristen Hatfield, Hayley Dawn Muir, Aaron Moran, Coby McDougall, Sunny Nestler, Helen Nguyen and Sarah Ellis Clark, Cole Pauls, Phaedra Harder and Stephanie McDonell, Eli Howey, Zoe Kreye, Choo-Kien Kua, Andrea Lukic, Niki Papp, Sora park, Sylvie Ringer, Jessica Sallay-Carrington, Alina Senchenko, Sarah D. Skinner, Nicole Stishenko, Maria Tetzlaff, This Is What Collective, Jonathan Valelly, Weird Ways, Erica Wilk

Gifs by:
Stephane Bernard, Gillian Cole, Zandi Dandizette, Sylvana d'Angelo, Eva Dominelli, Erma Fiend, Anna Firth, Milad Forouzandeh, G. Goletski, Mohsen Hazrati, Mahmoud Ismail, David Kims, Taylor Krulicki, Jelena Markovic, Larissa Monteiro, Chhaya Naran, Sunny Nestler, Su-An Ng, Ryan Quiring, Matt Hanns Schroeter, Daniel Wickert

This year, in addition to exhibiting publications, Print Ready will have a GIF projection room containing digital works by local and international artists. It is our hope that these digital works, in conjunction with the printed matter of the exhibition, insight conversions and ponderings into how accessibility of media and the transference of narratives through media function in differing states. The works in this room are curated by guest curator Gillian Cole.

Print Ready was started in order to promote the work of artists experimenting with self-publishing zines and books. The aim is to foster additional support for artists working within the versatile medium of self-publishing. Print Ready is a non-profit project that hosts book and zine launches, in addition to large group exhibitions. Our office is located in Vancouver at Dynamo Arts Association.

Monday, February 19, 2018

gifs! gifs! gifs!

Now accepting submissions for gifs/media works to be a part of the 2018 Print Ready exhibition at Dynamo Arts Association.

Print Ready is an annual self-publishing exhibition. This year Print ready will have a projection room which will showcase digital art work.

There is no theme set for the gifs/media in the projection room. To accompany Print Ready's theme of Indi-publishing and DIY self-publishing; it is suggested that digital media submitted incorporate an analog, hand-made or DIY quality.

The specifications for the artwork are 1080px by 1920px. If you have already made a gif and it is not this size, please size it down. If your gif is smaller than this size, please add a black border around the artwork so that it will match the specifications.

Please send submissions to

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Print Ready 2018: Submissions

 Submissions for Print Ready 2018 are closed!

The next edition of the annual self-publishing exhibition will take place at Dynamo Arts Association on March 24th and 25th.

Print Ready's mandate is to provide a small survey of contemporary self-publishing projects in a gallery setting. Special curatorial consideration is given to work that demonstrates "the artist's hand" including (but not restricted to) the incorporation of drawing, hand-lettering, collage, hand-binding, unique alteration and experimentation with print technology. Priority is given to works published within the past year.

Individual artists are limited to one entry; collaborative projects may be considered as a separate entries. Artists may submit multiple collective publications.

To Submit:

Artists are requested to provide an example image of their work and/or a link to their web page, along with a few sentences of description of their art practice or submission piece. Please indicate the format, size, and any special considerations for installation of the submitted work.

Artists are required to provide one copy of each work/publication for installation. **Please note: This work will be on display for public viewing and, as a result, is expected to show signs of wear during the course of the exhibition.

Artists are invited to supply additional copies (five suggested; 20 maximum) of each work exhibited for sale on their behalf.

***Print Ready is open to artists incorporating sculpture or other non-print material into the exhibition so long as it relates directly to their publication/work. If special arrangements for installation are needed, artists must contact and receive confirmation with Print Ready prior to the submission deadline, due to limited exhibition space.

***There is no entry fee for Print Ready. Artists receive all funds for works sold on their behalf.

*** All work must be picked up the day following the exhibition unless prior arrangements are made with Print Ready. All publications not retrieved become property of Print Ready.

[submission closing date: February 5th]

||| Send submissions to: |||

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Print Ready 2017

*** Over 30 publications plus: paintings, prints, sculpture, and digital media installation  ***

Opening Night: Saturday March 25th, 7pm – late
Viewing: Sunday March 26th, 12pm - 5pm

Dynamo Arts Association

Print Ready 2017 includes recent publications by Marc Bell & Owen Plummer, Stephane Bernard, Kyle Buds, Cabin Collective, Sarah Ellis Clark, Jo Cook, Zandi Dandizette, Sylvana d'Angelo, William Dereume, Ben Duncan, Carli Erin Boisjolie, Gave and Took Press, Jaz Halloran, Kristen Hatfield, Cassandra Hasanov, Neoglythic Media, Miriam Levine, Sarah Lowenbot, Juli Majer, Tylor MacMillan, Caitlin McDonagh, Drew Miller, Cole Pauls, Perro Verlag, Laura Perry, Phaedra Harder & Stephanie McDonnell, Sonya Ratkay, Sylvie Ringer, Sandra Sanchez, Joel Skavdahl, Sarah Sinner, Melanie Thibodeau, Erica Wilk, & Zine Club.
Neoglyphic Media (Bellingham Washington) will present their brand new issue of Emergence: Cover by Drew Miller, with additional contributions by Theo Ellsworth, Danielle, Nou, Ben Duncan, Joel Skavdahl, Wyatt Hersey, Ben Nadler, and Vinnie Neuberg.
Zine Club will present an installation featuring a curated selection of international digital and print artists from its collective.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Announcing Artists for Print Ready 2017!

Marc Bell, Stephane Bernard, Kyle Buds, Cabin Collective, Sarah Ellis Clark, Zandi Dandizette, William Dereume, Ben Duncan, Carli Gaudet, Gave and Took Press, Kristen Hatfield, Cassandra Hasanov, Neoglythic Media, Miriam Levine, Sarah Lowenbot, Juli Majer, Tylor MacMillan, Caitlin McDonagh,  Drew Miller, Cole Pauls, Laura Perry, Phaedra Harder & Stephanie McDonnell, Sonya Ratkay, Sylvie Ringer, Joel Skavdahl, Melanie Thibodeau, & Zine Club.

More to be announced soon!!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Cassandra Hasanov: Book Release & Screening

Cassandra Hasanov: Book Release & Screening
February 23rd @ Dynamo Arts Association
Suite 103 - 30 East 6th Ave, Vancouver, BC
Book Release 7pm - Screening 8:30pm
***one night only***

  Join us for an evening of whimsical blues at Dynamo Arts Association for the launch of Cassandra Hasanov's two publications and a short film screening. Volume One presents the artist's photographs of the sky during her stay and studies at École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2015, alongside a paint chip found in Vancouver, Canada. Volume Two is a series that presents paint chips in shades of blue renamed with titles of songs from the blues genre of music. During the evening there will be a screening of the short film L'été Espéré from the German director Steffen Goldkamp. Filmed during the summer of 2015, the film follows a handful of protagonists as they journey through the streets of Paris in today's modern world.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Print Ready VII: Stockholm Edition

Graphic by Pete Florentini

Print Ready VII: Stockholm Edition
Co-produced by Project Space

Curators Tracy Stefanucci (Director, Project Space and the Vancouver Art/Book Fair) and Nathan Jones (Director, Print Ready) join forces to present Print Ready VII: Stockholm Edition. The exhibition transplants the survey exhibition of recent work in art publishing by Vancouver artists to Stockholm for one night this spring. Artists from Vancouver and Stockholm are invited to submit work for consideration.


Please send the details of your proposed project or a brief description and low-res photographs to by March 11, 2016. There are no limitations with regard to format or subject matter, though all work must be part of an artistic practice intended as artists’ publishing. Accepted submissions will be notified by March 18 and 5–10 copies of the publication/project will need to be received in Stockholm by April 15. Project Space and Print Ready are not responsible for late or lost submissions or shipping costs.


PROJECT SPACE is a Vancouver-based arts organization dedicated to publication as an artistic medium. Its main project is the annual Vancouver Art/Book Fair (est. 2012) and it also publishes artists’ books as Project Space Press. Its Monthly Open Studio exhibition series—featuring artists, writers, designers and publishers working in the realm of art publishing—is produced by a curatorial collective. Project Space and VA/BF were founded by Tracy Stefanucci.

PRINT READY is an ongoing project that promotes the work of artists experimenting with self-publishing zines and books. In addition to its biannual Print Ready exhibition series at Dynamo Arts Association in Vancouver, it hosts book and zine launches and represents artists at such events as the Vancouver Art/Book Fair. The project was founded by Nathan Jones and Michael Lachman in January 2014.